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STEAM AHEAD Curriculum


  • STEAM AHEAD is an integrated project-based curriculum incorporating more science, technology, engineering, art, and  math into students' everyday learning through play.  STEAM AHEAD provides students with opportunities to be innovative, creative and resourceful as they build strong foundations in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.  STEAM AHEAD projects bring together many facets of what students find interesting through the use of their five senses.
  • STEAM AHEAD activities are hands-on and compliment the Fundamental Focus of the Kids 'R' Kids core curriculum.  There are two volumes:  Fall / Winter (Getting to Know You; My Wonderful World; Autumn Highlights; Family and Food; Celebrate Good Times; and Winter Happenings) and Spring / Summer (Kids Care; Up, Up, and Away; Animal Kingdom; The Great Outdoors; Destination Summer; and Shades of Summer).
  • STEAM AHEAD, written for preschool students ages three to five, is designed to be used as a supplement to the Kids 'R' Kids core curriculum.


  • Much the way Kids 'R' Kids station activities act as platforms for hands-on exploration opportunities, STEAM AHEAD allows students to learn by doing and developm problem solving and critical thinking skills.  STEAM AHEAD projects enrich students' everyday learning, support academic growth, and help inspire them to become lifelong learners.
  • Unlike academic learning of memorization with no logical or practical application, STEAM AHEAD projects encourage students to be natural scientists using reasoning, hypothesizing, predicting, and theorizing during the natural trial and error of play.

The Teacher's Role as Facilitator:

  • Students and teachers explore STEAM AHEAD projects together.  Project materials are placed in learning stations for independant and small group exploration which taps into student's natural interests while facilitating learning.
  • In an effort to develop students' natural curiosity, as students engage in STEAM AHEAD projects, teachers encourage them to ask, "Why?"
  • Teachers facilitate and guide as students participate in STEAM AHEAD projects.  Teachers make observations of student's growth, development, and interests. 
  • Teachers create high quality learning environments that provide students with opportunities to observe, question, investigate, predict, experiment, build, and share what they learn.
  • Teachers may choose a combination of some or all of the STEAM AHEAD projects to present depending upon their students' levels of ability, interest, and development.  
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